Glass construction

ERGO uses tempered or laminated and triplex glass as the basis of all offered glass products and products. The most modern and most reliable solution is such an innovative material as tempered glass. Tempered glass is ordinary glass that has been heat treated in specialized tempering furnaces in order to increase its mechanical strength. In comparison with simple glass, after tempering, such glass is able to withstand 5-7 times stronger mechanical loads. That allows you to use it in the manufacture of doors, partitions, fences, visors. Also, tempered glass products are highly resistant to temperature fluctuations. This is especially true when glazing external facade structures with a high coefficient of thermal energy storage and capable of heating up to a temperature of 80 degrees. A big plus is that this building glass has stable optical characteristics throughout its entire service life. At ERGO we use the following types of tempered glass: energy-saving, reflective, curved (curved), matte, tinted and transparent Extra Clear with the maximum transparency coefficient. We also use large Jumbo float glass up to 6000x3200 mm. And double-glazed windows of various configurations.

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