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Are you looking for aluminium doors with a custom and unique design? Contact ERGO and we can surprise you! We use the latest technologies for folding and sliding doors, and we can offer a model that will be a central element in any room.

We specialise in

We Specialize in

Aluminium doors – price, installation cost, consultation and design work!
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Opening methods

ERGO aluminium doors can have several types of opening.

Swing models are the most common type. They can consist of one or two folds. 

Pendulum models are a modification of swing models where you can both “pull” and “push” each fold. The “Pivot” systems have a special swivel mechanism, allowing you to apply a minimum force to handle the massive fold.

Sliding models are opened by moving the folds on bearings along a horizontal rail mounted on the floor.

Advantages of our doors

Unlimited design possibilities

Standard and specific opening mechanisms

Easy and silent movement of folds

Wide range of colors

Models for small and large openings

Our Completed Projects

Extensive experience with metal structures supported by successfully completed projects across Moldova

Why should you choose custom aluminium doors from ERGO?

Whether you repair an old house or build a new one from scratch, we have something for you. We can work out the project to the smallest detail, make a quality installation and draw attention to your new door. You can count on simple, elegant and outstanding ERGO solutions.

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