Glass Partition Walls – Ideas and Solutions by ERGO

A glass partition wall is an easy and trendy way to divide areas in your house or office. Elegant and visually light structures will fit into any design and give it a modern touch. 

Steel and glass partition walls allow you to create a separate working or sitting area and change the perception of your space without interfering with interior style.

We Specialize in

We Specialize in

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Manufacture of Glass Partition Walls from ERGO

Trust the experienced ERGO team, and we will create glass partitions of any complexity. We use metal frames from the best suppliers to manufacture monolithic and framed structures.

Structures installed by the ERGO specialists are of high strength due to the usage of tempered glass. They are resistant to mechanical damage and will last you years.

We will create working sketches considering the size of your premises so that glass structures will perfectly fit your interior.

Installation of Glass Partitions

We will install glass partitions on any premises to suit the ceiling height. Movable or static glass structures are mounted with the help of fixing points on the floor, walls, or ceiling and may be monolithic or divided into parts.

We can use tempered glass, which has high endurability or triplex, multilayer glass type. We offer structures with frosted, transparent, color, or tinted glass so that glass partitions suit the project’s design.

Benefits of Glass Partition Walls from ERGO

Custom project for every client

Interior space zoning without limiting views

Reducing exterior noise

Making the most of natural light

Interior space transformation at reasonable prices

Our Completed Works

Extensive experience with metal structures supported by successfully completed projects across Moldova

Glass Partitions on turnkey basis

At ERGO, you can order glass partitions on a turnkey basis. Our experienced team will design and implement the project according to your demands and handle all the work. We know how to integrate glass and steel structures into any interior design.

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