Panorama Systems (Guillotine) of Any Complexity

Panorama systems (Guillotine) combine full panoramic view, lightness, and a wide range of functions. They are perfect for making your limited space look attractive (cafes, restaurants, terraces, private houses). 

A retractable Panorama system (Guillotine) is a large, vertical sliding glazing window with a frame. A remote control allows you to react to any changes in weather and protect your visitors or guests from rain, wind, or dust.

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Extensive experience with metal structures supported by successfully completed projects across Moldova

Customized Panorama Systems (Guillotine)

If you want to install a Guillotine system to have a panoramic view and a comfortable indoor microclimate, contact ERGO specialists. We can implement any design ideas, save useful areas of the room, and establish a targeted indoor microclimate for your residential or commercial space.

  • The departure of a specialist at the facility for an onsite consultation;
  • Preparation of commercial offer that includes prices;
  • System specifications depending on your requirements;
  • Installation of a multilevel system of liners and automation;
  • Commissioning of the finished object within the established deadline on a turnkey basis.
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