Venetian Blinds and Facade Blades for Modern Buildings Exterior

Venetian blinds and facade blades by ERGO are more than shutters; they are an architectural decision with a wide range of functions which features a unique design. They are perfect for those who want to add modern style to their home or commercial building.

Those who like classical lines and harmonious integrity and want to control indoor microclimate to make it comfortable will like our Venetian blinds.

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Extensive experience with metal structures supported by successfully completed projects across Moldova

Venetian Blinds (Facade Shutters) and Facade Blades Made to Order

If you want to complement your exterior and maintain a comfortable indoor microclimate, then the ERGO company is a perfect choice. You can buy facade blades and Venetian blinds from aluminium or other materials that suit exteriors and buildings of any type.

  • Aesthetic advice and custom design;
  • Accurate calculations of manufacture and installation costs;
  • Coverage of large and small selling and residential spaces;
  • Well-thought, quick, and easy installation of structures;
  • Full quality check before commissioning.
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