Ventilated Facades: Decorative Facing of Buildings With Wall Insulation

Ventilated facades provide exceptional design freedom and give the building architecture a distinctive look. Such facades support air circulation between the load-bearing wall and the cladding material and protect from cold and heat.

We specialise in

We specialize in

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Ventilated facade structure

Mounted ventilated facades are installed on the outside of the building. Decorative facade panels don’t abut on the wall. The gap between the cladding layer and the wall of the building is used for air circulation and condensate removal. In some systems, insulation is also used, which covers the walls of the building. All elements are attached to the frame, which, with the help of anchor bolts, securely holds the structure in a vertical plane.

Advantages of ERGO ventilated facades

Implementation of any style and design solutions

Free air circulation between heat insulation and cladding

Reducing heat loss in winter and keeping cool in summer

Reliable protection from condensation

Easy maintenance and fast replacement of damaged panels

Our Completed Projects

Extensive experience with metal structures supported by successfully completed projects across Moldova

Turnkey ventilated facades

Contacting ERGO specialists, you can order ventilated facades on a turnkey basis in Chisinau. Our experienced specialists will do all the work necessary to design and install building cladding. Define your criteria and requirements for the facade and we will do the rest!

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